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Prepare to Meet Anastasia

You're about to meet the purest, happiest and most powerful person alive today! Read some of her words from Book 1:

“Man has still not invented anything that is not already in Nature.”

“Everything — but everything — on the Earth, every blade of grass, every little bug, has been created for Man, and everything has its individual appointed task to perform in the service of Man.”

“In the whole of the Universe there is no being capable of more powerful development and greater freedom than Man….God — the Great Mind — created Man and to no one else gave He more than to Man.”

“God is the interplanetary Mind, or Intelligence. He is not to be found in a single mass. Half of Him is in the non-material realm of the Universe. This is the sum total of all energies. The other half of Him is dispersed across the Earth in every individual, in every Man.”

Vladimir Megre About Anastasia

"Anastasia lives in the forest altogether alone. She has no house to call her own, she hardly wears any clothes and does not store any provisions. She is the descendant of people who have been living here for thousands of years and represents what is literally a whole different civilization. She and those like her have survived to the present day through what I can only term the wisest possible decisions. Anastasia was born here and is an integral part of the natural surroundings. She was born in the taiga and visits our world only for brief periods.

"Anastasia has one extraordinary ability: when she's telling a story about something, pictures of the events she's narrating arise in the listener's consciousness, or in actual space. The images are three-dimensional, complete with the smells and sounds of the time she's describing. Anastasia has shown me pictures from the lives of people of a variety of periods, starting from the very creation of the world. Nearly all of the events are connected with her ancestors.

"If you were to try to characterize Anastasia's capabilities in one phrase, here's what you could say: the taiga-dweller Anastasia preserves the experiences and emotions of the members of her extended family - starting with the creation of the very first human - in her genetic memory, and she is able to call them up at will. She can also model pictures from the lives of people in the future."

The Author, Vladimir Megre

Vladimir Megre, born in 1950, was a successful and well-known entrepreneur in the city of Novosibirsk. In the spring of 1994, Vladimir chartered three riverboats and carried out a four month expedition to the Russian far north, travelling along the Ob River. The goal was to trade and create economic activity with the residents of the far north. During one of their stops in a very small village along the river, Vladimir met Anastasia on the riverbank. Through circumstances you'll read about in the books, he spent three days with her, deep in the Siberian taiga.

Vladimir’s experience with Anastasia deeply touched and transformed him. Anastasia asked him to write a book about everything she had shared with him and that he experienced.  About this book, Anastasia told him, “In the book you are going to write there will be unobtrusive combinations, formulations made up of letters, and they will arouse in the majority of people good and radiant feelings. These feelings are capable of overcoming ailments of body and soul, and will facilitate the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future."

Vladimir returned home, fully determined to make good on his promise to Anastasia to write this book. He has returned to see her many times, and has written ten books to date. Currently, the Ringing Cedars books have sold more than 20+ million copies worldwide, 700,000+ in the USA, with no advertising, and have been published in 20+ languages.

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